It’s been a year since Alice first fell down the rabbit hole and the characters of Wonderland are throwing her an unbirthday party to celebrate. Nestle down for tea with the befuddled Caterpillar, bumblesome Mad Hatter and jittery March Hare. There’ll be plentiful jam tarts, flamingo croquet and a rather raucous caucus race.

Paperfinch Theatre present their Cameron Mackintosh award-winning blend of theatre, storytelling, live music and a dollop of frumious family-friendly nonsense.

Attached to the Sheffield production of The Unbirthday Party was The Wonderland Cafe, a pop-up experience in the cafe of Theatre Delicatessen on the Moor. Families were welcome to meet and interact with the characters and the set around two daily showings of The Unbirthday Party.

Performed in 2015 Theatre Deli, Sheffield and C Venues, Edinburgh

Writer and Director | Immie Davies

Composer | Teah Lewis

Set Designer and Stage Manager | Lauren Archer

Producer | Thalia Caddy

Assistant Director | Polly Sculpher

Costume Designer | Abi Mckee

Make Up Designer | Tegan Caddy

Publicity | Genevieve Cant


Alice | Ciara Farran

March Hare | Chad Bentley

Caterpillar | Ben Price

Dormouse | Pippa Atkinson

Cheshire Cat | Martha Roberts

Queen of Hearts | Polly Sculpher

Mad Hatter | Jack Solloway

White Rabbit | Teah Lewis

Shrub + Music | Emily Compton

Praise for The Unbirthday Party

“Saw this at the Ed Fest and thought it was absolutely charming. Witty,clever,great characters,music….just loved it! Thank you!”

“We just LOVED this show, it’s soo sweet and perfect for little ones, such a gentle, joyful production and a great way to start of any Fringers day. It’s soo nice for the wee ones to sit on cushions on the floor to be immersed in the fun. It’s a most jolly unbirthday party with all Alice in Wonderland’s favourite characters and there’s some lovely audience participation too! Paperfinches troupe are so engaging, funny and lovely, great costumes and set and it’s all wrapped up with some fab, live musical accompaniment, jam tarts and tea too. A must for all the family! FIVE stars from all of us, both adults and the kiddy winks too!”

Photograph by Joseph Priestley